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Furniture shop "emdesign"

After long years of experience in furniture manufacturing and business and developing EKOMEBEL’s brand on the inner and international market, we came up with the idea of showing you what we see, what you deserve, YOU  - our customers.
The main purpose of furniture showroom “Emdesign” is to stimulate the recognition of Bulgarian design of furniture with expressed national identity and to create criteria for the consumer of authors furniture and new style. The new show room is a combination between luxury and comfort, these are pieces of furniture that save space and provide you with comfort.  
The residents and guests of Pleven will find the piece of furniture they are looking for within the area of 4000 sq. meters, they will also encounter the high service standards and all new inventions in furniture’s world. Our designer will show you how our furniture will look in your home.
The trade mixture of the complex is very well balanced. You will be shown different class furniture that is not only Bulgarian but also belong to leading international brands.
Those of you who are art connoisseurs will be able to see pictures and glass plastics arts of many artists.
Type : Selling
Category : Furniture
Publish date : 2014-06-28
Valid : 2015-06-28
Web Site: http://www.emdesign.bg
Contact Name : Manager
Phone: 359884848404
Location : Shumen
Adress : Al. Stambolijski 10 Str Shumen
Brand New Furniture


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