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It is the responsibility of the person placing the advert to ensure that the items offered are described truthfully and they have the correct permissions to sell the items accordingly

We will not accept any liability for innaccuracies in any adverts

All Items may be advertised free of charge by private sellers we reserve the right to decide if a seller is private or business

Businesses and Estate Agents are welcome to advertise 2 properties free of charge or they can advertise as many products or properties as they wish providing they contribute towards the hosting of the website, we feel a minimum one off donation in the region of €20.00 is fair and proper to cover the additional bandwidth used by photographs etc, donations can be made by paypal to sales@capitol-marketing.co.uk, each property advertised  may have  upto 22 photographs per property posted.

Advertisers paying the Donation may post their adverts for up to 12 months per listing, however, we are happy to list properties on your behalf for an additional €20.00 per 3 months, each listing will be for a period of 12 months so in effect sellers can have the benefit of a website listing all their properties for a fraction of the cost and time consuming trouble of running their own websites, you will need to email pictures, descriptions, contact details and of course the price and the listings will be added on your behalf for you..

The adverts on this site are automatically posted (Minus Pictures) instantly on another classified adverts website, (http://www.capitol-marketing.co.uk and www.ebookpalace.co.uk and www.fly2gorna.com/ads) pictures will appear on the other websites normally within 6 hrs of posting here and vice versa so in the event you do see an advert with no pictures being displayed on one site but not the others, it is not a fault  it is simply that the pictures have not been propagated into the other website yet.

Posting an advert on this site is seen as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions